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About our Ormus Product

The ormus materials are extracted from the following ocean salts:

- Dead Sea Salts
- Himalayan Salts
- Atlantic Sea Salts
- Pacific Sea Salts

It is a very balanced ormus product, extracted from several sources of ocean salts containing:

Ormus Gold, Ormus Rhodium, Ormus Iridium, Ormus Copper and much more.

The oceans contain all known minerals and ormus elements (discovered and undiscovered elements).

The Dead Sea Salts contains high amounts of Ormus Gold.

Many people sell white powder gold which is derived from Gold only. Ormus Gold is known to heal our light body and DNA.

From our research, we believe that it is better to consume not only Ormus Gold, but also the other ormus elements.

Our Brain and Nervous System is made up of 5% Ormus Rhodium (2.5%) and Irridium (2.5%). Due to the heavy usage of mobile phones or cell phones, almost everyone is deficient of these 2 critical ormus elements in our body.

The EMF field from mobile phones, repels all ormus elements in close proximity. Thus, we are short of Ormus Rhodium and Irridium in our brain and nervous system.

Our Ormus Product are extracted from various ocean salts, containing all the discovered and undiscovered Ormus element as the ocean contains all of them.

The Ormus are in liquid form.

We also employ a specially made orgone/orgonite device, that has similar Orgone/Qi focusing charateristics as a Pyramid, to super charge the ormus and water.



Recommended Dosage:

1 teaspoon per day

For most people, it is recommended to stick to 1 teaspoon per day. However, depending on some individuals who are very energy sensitive (especially psyhics), you may want to reduce the dosage to 1/4 teaspoon per day. You'll be able to feel the kundalini rising very fast. Adjust the daily dossage accordingly (listen to your body and your intuition).

If you are battling a diease, you may want to consider increasing the dosage to 1-3 times per day at 1 teaspoon per dosage. Listen to your body and what your intuition tells you.

If you are unsure, stick to the recommended dosage of 1 teaspoon per day.


Mixing Ormus with Water for consumption?

If you do not like the milky taste of ormus, another option of consuming the ormus is to mix it with water. 1 teaspoon of ormus into 1/2 a cup of water, stir well and drink it.



Ormus Product Details

Product 1

4 oz Bottle = RM60 or USD $20 per Bottle
(4 oz bottle containing 100 ml or 3.38 fluid oz of Ormus liquid)

At 1 teaspoons (5ml) dosage per day, this product provides a 20 day supply

Product 2

8 oz Bottle = RM117 or USD $39 per Bottle
(8 oz bottle containing 200 ml or 6.76 fluid oz of Ormus liquid)

At 1 teaspoons (5ml) dosage per day, this product provides a 40 day supply



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ORMUS - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Ormus?

Ormus is also known as Mono Atomic, ORME, m-state.

Ormus is a Fifth (5th) state of matter. Unlike the four fundamental states of matter, which are solids, liquids, gasses and plasmas, the Fifth state of matter is in a energized state where the molecules sheds its outer electronic ring and goes into high spin state.

It behaves like inert gas and is no longer reacting chemically to any substance.

5% of dry weight of human brain is composed of ormus. Everyone is born with the 5% ration and it is an important, natural part of the composition of our human body.

The ormus in our brain works as a governing and regulatory material.


Where Does Ormus Come From? How Do We Acquire It?

Ormus is a natural element found on Earth, in places with less human activity. It is naturally abundant in sea and spring water, underground, plants and in the air.

Some plants that are grown in soils that are rich in ormus elements, absorb and store it better than others, like the aloe vera, carrots, grapes and etc. Some of the healing properties in these plants are due to the ormus elements in them.

Ormus elements can be found almost every where, including the air we breath in. However, the level of concentration will be different depending on the source.

Some of the highest level of concentration of ormus are in volcanic soils, streams (especially mountain springs) and the oceans.


Why Is Ormus So Important?

With our current modern lifestyle, almost everyone is suffering from ormus deficiency.

The shortage of ormus materials will contribute to virtually every chronic disease, thus it is very important to replenish our ormus material in our body. Ormus is very sensitive to electromagnetic fields and when exposed to these fields, it will be repelled from our body.

Constant usage of devices that generate electromagnatic fields (e.g cell phones, tablets, computers and other electrical appliances) will deplete the ormus materials drastically in our body.

When we replenish the depleted ormus materials in our body, we can feel significant changes and improvements in our bodies. Some people have reported they experience significant improvement in their health, including healing of diseases and reverse aging.

Ormus improves our neuro messaging and according to an independant lab test in Georgia, U.S., it is reported that within 2 hours of ingesting ormus, the alpha and theta activities in the left and right brain lobes reached a state of balance.

It may take a week or two for the balance between the two waves to be achieved, depending on how much the person is lacking in ormus materials in their brain. When the alpha and theta waves in our brain is in a balance state, we feel calmer, able to make decisions with clarity and no longer be affected by situations that used to affect us negatively.

It is reported that more than half of the people that take ormus had a change in dream patterns. Their dreams are much more clearer, lucid and vivid and they are able to remember them more clearly than usual.

Other much more obvious results are the changes of quality of their hair, skin and fingernails. Those who were suffering from hair loss and greying hair were able to grow back a headful of healthy youthful looking hair, within a few months of ingesting ormus.


Can we get ormus by eating organic foods?

Yes, organic vegetables do contain ormus elements. In fact, almost everyone consumes ormus at different levels of concentration.

The problem today is that our soils are depleted both from minerals and ormus elements. Most organic farmers today, do not know how to re-mineralize the soils.

For example, if wheat is grown in soils containing 15 minerals, then the plant is able to absorb all 15 minerals and make it available to our body when we consume it. There are 92 known minerals and all of them available in the ocean.

A few farmers have turned to the ocean to re-mineralized their soil. Ocean water, containing all known minerals and ormus elements, are diluted with plain water and sprayed on the soil.

How many organic farmers are doing this? Does the vegetables that you buy contain all 92 minerals and ormus elements?

Due to the mineral deficiency, many people take supplements.

However, many people are not aware of the critical ormus elements that our body needs. Are the ormus elements avaible in today's supplements?






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